ATS Group


A vision comes to age …

Established in 1968 by Mian Nisar Elahi (Late), ATS was created to spearhead Pakistan’s industrial drive beyond typical textile business. By introducing materials with countless applications in modern life, our vision was to create world-class business to reduce dependency on import and raise performance in the sector.

Today that vision has been realized. ATS Group stands tall as the Pakistan’s largest and the fastest growing industrial concerns. Specializing in synthetic leather our portfolio also takes in intermediate/specialized chemicals, plastics films/technical products and textiles. These products touch people’s life; from textiles that clothe and protect us to synthetic leather that enhance enrich quality of life, ATS products are fundamental to the quality of life.

At ATS we continue to build our strength: our commitment to quality, our proximity to markets, our investment in R&D and acquiring new technologies. The Group employs over 3,000 people; with the combined energy, drive and a spirit of collaboration we are building our future.

     Company Philosophy

Tomorrow’s progress stems from today’s innovation …

Investment, innovation, flexibility – these are pivotal in ATS evolution full stop they give our business shape Momentum renewed focus.

By maximizing the skills and potential of our people by listening to our customers as their suppliers of choice by improving our market insight and over technological Acumen and by investing in quality and innovation we are a cube ourselves together growing and evolving Global demands full stop this process is without limits.

Our strategy for growth is based on technology and R&D. As we built our achievements, we continue to set the highest quality and ethical standards, focusing on safety and well-being at every level of our operations.

As we look to the New Horizons and fresh challenges, it is our people and products, our values and heritage and our commitment to serving the changing needs of the world around us which offer guiding hands into the future full stop