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Geomembrane for Irrigation / Canals

Hub Canal

Project Period: Sep – Oct 2003

Client: Karachi Water & Sewerage Board

4.3 km part of Karachi canal (originating from Hub Canal) lined

0.25 mm thickness PVC geomembrane used with 2 inch thick concrete cover

Concrete cover used to protect geomembrane from damage, pilferage etc

Seepage controlled completely in the lined area

Greater Thal Canal

Rainee Canal Project

Project Period: 2007 – 2009

Length; 130 Kms of RC-7A

2.2 msft PVC Geomembrane (0.55 mm thick)

Consultant; BARQAAB, Techno Consult

Contractor; SK&B

Geocomposite (Membrane & Textile) Protection of Flood Protection Embankements