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    ATS Geomembrane


Geomembranes liners play a vital role in curtailing the Water Loses in various spheres including Dams, Canals, Reservoirs, Waste Water, Agriculture, Irrigation and Civil Engineering to include Buildings and Tunnels etc. Geomembranes are devided into two major products basically on different characteristics and applications i.e PVC Geomembrane & HDPE Geomembrane, Produced by using state of the Art Production lines and virgin materials to meet ASTM Standards.

ATS Synthetic (Pvt) Ltd. is pioneer in producing quality of wide range of PVC Products and the sole Manufacturers of PVC Geomembrane & HDPE Geomembrane qualifying international standards, The most trusted name in the Pakistan.

ATS Synthetic (Pvt) Ltd. has a vast and rich experience of meeting Customer’s demands besides remaining abreast with the latest Development world over affecting changes through constant R&D.

PVC Geomembrane


Poly Vinyl Chloride or PVC Geomembrane is highly effective water proof membrane…

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HDPE Geomembrane


HDPE Geomembrane or High Density Polyethylene Geomembrane for Landfill …

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LDPE Geomembranes


LDPE Geomembrane (Low density polyethylene geomembrane), LLDPE a greater …

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Laminated with GeoTextile


Geotextiles are permeable fabrics which, when used in association with soil, have …

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HDPE Smooth Geomembrane


HDPE smooth Geomembrane, Green Smooth membrane, White Smooth membrane, Leak …

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HDPE Textured Geomembrane


HDPE with single sided Textured surface, HDPE with double sided Textured surface …

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     Characteristics of Geomembrane

Easy to install: It is an elastic material that can conform readily to irregular shapes and differential settlement.
Excellent Mechanical properties like;

     Degree of flexibility

     Excellent elongation percentage and reduced expansion coefficient

     Impact resistance

     Good tear and tensile strength

     Puncture Resistance

     Tear Resistance

     Dimensional Stability

     Resistance to stress cracking

     Frictional Properties

     Low Temperature Resistance

     High Temperature Resistance

     Oxidative Resistance

     UV Resistance

     Excellent resistance to Gas Permeability


     Advantages of Geomembrane

     Cost effective, long life, minimizes water losses, reduces maintenance cost and increases life of structures

     Good Endurance properties

     Resistance to biological degradation

     Resistance to Chemical degradation

     Good thermal behavior (Hot or Cold)

     Superior frictional characteristics

     Acceptable uniaxial extinction and excellent biaxial flexibility

     Easy and versatile weld ability

     Major Projects

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