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Chemical Division


    Chemical Division

    Chemical Division

From Synthetic Leather to Fine Chemistry…

Chemical Division was formed in 1999 with the spirit “if you want a good thing welldone, do it yourself”. The outcome was minimized dependence and eventually even better holds on quality and service. Plasticizers produced are consumed in-house for PVC leather / films. Flourishing start in chemical manufacturing, capacity is enhanced to cater the needs of local as well as international market. Wide ranges of plasticizers are introduced specifically for rubber, electrical wires, shoes, inks, coating, pipes and numerous other application in plastic industry. Designed capacity of over 50,000 TPA the superior technology added with greater expertise of our team makes our plasticizers best in the market in terms of quality, clarity and purity.

Progressing in chemicals we have integrated our PU Leather Division by setting up manufacturing facility to produce Polyurethane resin. Polyurethane resin is used in-house for the production of PU Leather, specific grades for footwear, textiles and apparel, packaging, building and construction applications are also produced.

ATS strives to understand customer requirements and develop new products, access new technologies to deliver successfully to its customers. ATS has developed itself as a high-tech company to respond to growing and evolving Global demands.


  DOP (Di-Octyl Phthalate)
  TOTM (Tri-Octyl Trimellitate)
  DOA (Di-octyl Adipate)

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PAKTHANE (Polyurethane)

  Polyurethane for Shoe Sole & Sports Goods
  For Construction & Automotive Industry
  For Refrigerators & Appliances

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Speciality Chemicals

  Poly Driers
  Poly Stabilizers PVC
  Kickers PVC Leather

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Automotive Plastic Components



Printing Ink & Paint

Rubber Industry

Shoe Sole

PVC Films

Synthetic Leather

Electrical Wires