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PVC Geomembrane

What is Geomembrane

“An essentially impermeable barrier used with foundation, soil, rock earth as an integral part to control fluid or vapor in a man made project, structure, or system”

PVC Geomembrane is flexible polymeric sheet used as relatively impermeable liners to contain liquid and vapor. PVC was one of the first materials used for Geomembrane applications and remains an economical and versatile choice. PVC Geomembrane is widely popular for over 40 years in US and Europe ideally for conservation of water from dam, canals and reservoirs.

As a renowned purveyor of PVC products, ATS introduced PVC Geomembrane for the first time in Pakistan. Made from special materials and state-of-the-art Calendaring line. ATS Geomembrane is a high performance material with outstanding weather ability. With over 40 years of technical expertise and experience we have achieved excellent physical, mechanical, endurance properties and long useful product life. Our Geomembrane is in conformity to the PGI (PVC Geomembrane Institute) specification.

Advantages of PVC Geomembrane

Easy to install: It is an elastic material that can conform readily to irregular shapes and differential settlement.
Excellent Mechanical properties
High degree of flexibility
Excellent elongation percentage and reduced expansion coefficient
Puncture resistance
Impact resistance
Good tear and tensile strength

Cost effective & long useful life: Minimizes water losses, reduces maintenance cost and increases life of structures.
Good Endurance properties
Resistance to biological degradation
Resistance to Chemical degradation
Good thermal behavior (hot or cold)
Superior frictional characteristics
Acceptable uniaxial extinction and excellent biaxial flexibility


Water Conservation

As a liner to prevent reservoir and dam water loss
Artificial lake lining
Fish pond lining, Agricultural Ponds, Decorative Ponds
Drainage lining
Canal Lining
Agriculture reserve water storage
Irrigation ditch
Fire Water Holding Ponds
Raw Water Reservoir and Lakes
Industrial / Agricultural Reserve Water Storage
Golf Course Water holes and sand bunkers

Civil & Architectural Engineering

As a liner to control seepage in tunnels
Water drainage
Embankment protection liner
Shoreline protection against sea water corrosion or sinking of the ground
Road base and pit
Earth Seepage Control
As a water proofing liner in basements
As a water proofing liner in walls
As a water proofing liner in roofs
Oil Drilling Reserve Pits
Concrete Basement Water Proofing Liners


As a liner Waste liquids i.e. sewage slugs
As a liner for radioactive and hazardous waste management
Waste conveyance canals
Solid waste landfills /garbage dumping sites
Waste Treatment Pond
Covers for power plant coal ash


Industrial water/liquid storage tanks
Solar concentration pond
Salt field drying bed
Chemical / Brine Solution Collection System Liner
Pulp and Paper Landfill & Swage Ponds
Handling and transportation of liquids

Seaming Methods

The methods of seaming geomembranes are shown schematically in the accompanying figure.

ATS Geomembrane is available from 0.25mm (10mil) ~ 2.00mm (80 mil) thickness, width upto 90 inches.
To meet the installation efficiency requested by customers the product softness can be appropriately adjusted. If you don’t see the product that suits your needs on our site, talk to our technical expert staff we will assist you with your plan