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    Polyurethane for Footwear

    PAKTHANE ‘A Polyurethane System for Footwear’

PAKTHANE is designed to be used at various densities and rigidly values for slipper, shoe sole and a wide range of footwear application. Due to its finish, resilience and durability over conventional alternatives like rubber, pvc etc PAKTHANE is the material of choice.
The system comprises of 4-component system, (Polyol, Iso, Catalyst and Hardener) and color can be achieved by adding compatible pigment dispersions.


    PU System for Slipper

Specifically designed for open shoe such as slipper and sandals this grade has special properties such as good flex resistance and excellent resilience while giving customer the option to adjust hardness and density resistance as per their need.

    PU System for Sole

Wide range of polyurethane systems are designed for Soles with density ranging from 0.38- 0.60 gr/cm3as well as different hardness and elasticity values. Other variable factors such as weather conditions is key for selection of the right grade, Pakthane is available to cater all such requirements.

    PU System for Insole

Special designed system for insoles provides high tear resistance, comfort and breathability. Produced in two groups based on polyether and polyester Pakthane insole system provides excellent comfort and ease.

    PU System for Work, Safety & Security Footwear

Pakthane work and safety shoes system provides excellent hydrolysis resistance, high friction resistance, anti-static and anti-bacterial properties.

    Double Density PU System

Pakthane double density system is highly recommended for running and sports footwear. This system provides supreme comfort without compromising on performance. After rigorous testing carried out worldwide the bounce, light weight characteristics have made double density sole the finest material to date.