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LDPE Geomembrane

What is Geomembrane

“An essentially impermeable barrier used with foundation, soil, rock earth as an integral part to control fluid or vapor in a man made project, structure, or system”

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Geomembranes provide much of the same durability and resistance properties found in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Geomembranes, But with the added benefit of increased material flexibility because it is a Lower-Density polymer. This gives Geomembranes the ability to conform to irregular surfaces, offers greater resistance to stress cracks and facilitates easier welding.
This increased flexibility makes Geomembranes well suited to pre-fabrication into large panels, minimizing field work. Additionally, it is often used in applications where long-term large settlements may be anticipated, such as landfill covers.

ATS offers Geomembrane installation, design assistance, fabrication and construction services for containment applications.


  As liners for potable water
  As liners for reserve water (e.g., safe shutdown of nuclear facilities)
  As liners for waste liquids (e.g., sewage sludge)
  As liners for secondary containment of underground storage tanks