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Corporate Social Responsibility


     Corporate Social Responsibility

     Environment Safety & Health

We care for our customers, our consumers and the world we live in…

As a leading manufacturer, ATS acutely aware of issues relating to environment, safety and health (ESH). ATS has established a basic ESH principle and policies and has made substantial progress in reducing environmental impact, lowering energy and resource consumption, prompting safe chemical and eliminating occupational accidents.

At ATS We consider ESH an ethical precept rather than an industrial requirement, the environment is something that must be protected and safeguarded even beyond what is required by law. Endeavors include switch to natural gas system for more green energy production, Solvent Recovery Plants attached to each process that distils hazardous wastes and recovers solvents for re-use. All the water generated in our processes is safe from all kinds of health risks.

ATS also recognizes responsibility to its employees and has developed internal guidelines for occupational health and safety. To further ensure safety ATS has its own in-house fire fighting department.

     Human Resources

Improving Competitiveness

We believe human resources are the most valuable asset in implementing our commitment to produce best products. Development of the human resources and ensure they are working with the spirit, healthy and happy is our concern.

Knowledge, understanding and skills of employees performing work will also continuously increase. We are confident that this will be the added value that guarantees the stability of product quality.

With dedicated people, superior products, outstanding technical support and innovative chemistry, ATS is committed to leading positive change in the the industry and working with customers to create and build a better and successful future