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    Poly Stab for PVC

    ATS Polystab®

PVC is thermally unstable. During the extrusion or molding process, prevention of hydrogen chloride elimination due to heat and subsequent decomposition is required. The stabilizer prevents such initial elimination of hydrogen chloride from PVC.
One of our latest products introduced to the market is Polystab®, a range of high performance ingredients essential for PVC processing and provide the finished product with the required properties and durability. The Polystab range includes liquid metal stabilizers for plastisol processing, calendaring and flexible extrusion, as well as a range of kickers used in applications such as cushion vinyl flooring and sponge leather.


Product Composition Application  
Polystab AX 925 Barium/Cadmim/Zinc General purpose stabilizer with excellent heat stability, lubrication, and weatherability. Improved heat stability when used with epoxidized soybean oil. Plasticized PVC – Extrusion, Calendering, Plastisol
Polystab AOX 7200 Barium/Zinc High performance stabilizer with excellent transparency suitable for flexible and semi-rigid applications. It gives very good initial color and color control, can be used for crystal clear PVC. Plasticized PVC – Extrusion, Calendering, Plastisol