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    Polyurethane for Refrigerators & Home Appliances


ATS has designed a special insulating urethane for Refrigerators & Freezers.The Rigid foam structure increases insulation efficiency for low temperature preservation of Food during processing storage & distrubution. ATS Rigid foam has become a popular choice in the industry, ideal for insulation of Refrigeration appliances.


  Excellent insulators
  Structurally string thanks to the rigidity of the foam and adhesion of external skins(plastic and metal)
  The most cost-effective manufacturing solution, with multiple operations combined into one.
  Effective in confined spaces, allowing the maximum amount of food to be stored safe.
  Robust and strong.
  Very light, thus reducing transportation costs.
  Affordable, keeping the costs of refrigerators and freezers down.


    Polyurethane for Thermoware

 This Product is ideal for making coolers, hotpots, flasks and other thermowares.

    Key Characteristics

  This Product has excellent flow ability.
  The density of the foam is well-distributed and the thermal conductivity is low.
  It has excellent low temperature dimensional stability and good cohesiveness.