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    Polyurethane for Automotive Industry

    Polyurethane provides comfort, safety and savings in Automotive Industry

Flexible Polyurethane Foam is used extensively in transportation industry for seating , headrests, arm rests & interior panels. ATS Developments in polyurethane technology for automotive industry is focused on increased weight reduction, passenger comfort, energy and sound absorption, resiliency, moisture and heat resistance, and compressive strength. All of these benefits translate to a more comfortable ride.

We provide Polyols and Isocyanate for flexible applications.

General Grade: Pakthane-85455 (MB) / Pakthane-85499 (4-W) is a complete Polyol blend used in the manufacturing of (HR) flexible foam for Car / Motorbike seats.
For the high quality Pakthane ISO-8221 (M/B) / ISO-8222(4-W) are recommended.