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Geomembrane for Reservoirs

Water Reservoirs at Nabisar & Vejhiar

40 Acres, 339 M Gallons

150 Acres, 978 M Gallons (US)

Water Reservoirs at Vejhiar

Opening of Roll

Placement of Geomembrane

Anchoring of Geomembrane

Placement of Geomembrane

Seam Welding of Geomembrane

Air Pressure Test of Seam Welding

Air Pressure Test of Seam Welding

Placement of Concrete cover on Geomembrane

Water Reservoir, Sindh OFWM in Chohar Jamali

Reservoir Lining



Reservoir at Gharo

Anchor Trench

Geomembrane Lined

Waste Pit of Eni Pakistan (Oil & Gas Companies)

Evaporation Pond at Fatima Fertilizer Plant